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Temperature range from -20 to +50 degrees F
SCS celebrates 100 years of warehouse experience
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Sodus Cold Storage is proud to announce the completion of its AIB audit!!

This year's audit has been a huge success.  For 2014, Sodus Cold Storage Co., Inc. scored a 925.  That is an increase from last years score of 920.  SCS is very proud and would like to thank all of its employees for the hard work and dedication that earned us this high score.
We are a company that is committed to becoming the most widely known PRW in the industry by providing exceptional service for our customers that exceeds the performance of all others.

We strive to handle, store, and ship all of our customer's products with precision and care by employing people who believe in integrity and teamwork.  They will be the most professional, trained, and experienced people in the business.

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